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If you want to create a component-based piece of software, with components separated and interacting using interfaces, and you don't want to pay big cash for a commercial framework. Then CompFrame might be something for you.

Let's face it - component based softwares rock! Why?! Because they are easy to implement, easy to extend and easy to maintain. (If they are done correctly!)

However, component frameworks are developed over and over again. And experience and expertise is lost, sometimes all of it. So, I decided to take my experience and, well, expertise (yeah right!) and create an open-source variant.

My idea with CompFrame is that it can be used, extended and improved over time, without the need for re-inventing the wheel (or paying lots of cash) every time a component based software is supposed to be assembled. Thus, saving money and giving the poor developer time to address what's really important (and interesting).

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